A voice for women

A voice for women

Many women feel uncomfortable discussing their experience of menopause. Negative stereotypes about female ageing, embarrassment, and a lack of shared information about the diversity of women’s experiences all mean that menopause is one of the last taboos in health. Online communications are transforming this situation. Through support forums, private chat boards and discussion groups, women are sharing their experiences and finding that they are not alone. Each of our network members has a unique connection with women through the support they provide. Our vision is to find safe, acceptable ways to give a public and powerful voice to the issues that many women are only comfortable talking about privately. Our consultation with members in 2013 identified issues of key importance to women, and these form the basis of our action plan. Together, we are committed to challenging the attitude that problem menopausal symptoms are something women just need to put up with.


What women say

One thought on “A voice for women

    Mumsnet Menopause | gussetgrippers said:
    26/03/2015 at 5:14 pm

    […] the New York Times won’t publish them (the rotters), then have a look at Menopause UK’s ‘voice for women’ page, or, of course, share your experiences on the thread […]

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