Our campaign to #changethechange is one of the grassroots campaigns being featured as part of NHS Change Day 2015.  You can visit our home page on the NHS Change Day website here. We are asking people to take three actions to improve menopause health and care:

 Be the Change You Want To SeeAction 1: Get together. Join a new online community for everyone interested in improving menopause services. The Change Forum has been created as somewhere for health professionals of all disciplines, health service leaders and service managers to get together and learn, share and talk about how to #changethechange  It can be lonely out there. Come and meet the other menopause enthusiasts: join in


Action two: Get the Facts. If you got your last professional update on menopause anytime in the last decade, the chances are that everything you think you know about HRT is wrong. We are asking health professionals to commit to getting the facts using the links here Don’t miss the brand new material provided by Cochrane UK as part of their Evidently Cochrane blog, with new blogs and evidence being published every day this week. And pop to healthtalk.org to see more about real women’s experiences of menopause.

meno_in_numbers_4Action 3: Get menopause on the agenda. We need to talk about The Big M, especially in the NHS. We are asking you to commit to putting menopause on the agenda for discussion at your team meeting, your directorate meeting, or your board meeting. The two infographics here are a great conversation starter.

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